Again a battery problem?

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Japan Airlines spokesman said the aircraft grounded when on one of Boeing 787 white smoke was spotted outside the plane. He also adde cockpit warning lights indicated potential problems with the main battery and charger, and a battery cell appeared to be leaking.

After the incident, “The issue occurred during scheduled maintenance activities with no passengers on board” Boeing says in a statement. “The improvements made to the 787 battery system last year appear to have worked as designed.”

One year ago it all started when JAL's 787 caught fire at Boston Logan Airport. The lithium-ion battery is designed to start the auxiliary power unit.

Eight days after,  second incident accoured on Japan Airlines 787during flight. The aircraft made emergency landing.

With the second incident, FAA grounded all US 787's following with other countries. The 787 fleet grounded for 4 months. Boeing designed an improved battery installation, including modifications within the batteries that are supposed to prevent overheating that caused fire.

The new incident is the first confirmed venting of one of the lithium ion battery’s eight cells since the new design was installed last May. The Japan Transport Safety Board will have also starting an investigation about latest incident.


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