f Occupancy rate for Istanbul flights over 84 pct

Occupancy rate for Istanbul flights over 84 pct

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Air France (Joon) and KLM load factors are particularly high to/from Istanbul with a global pourcentage since the beginning of the year over 84 percent, as an average for both airlines, said Air France -  KLM East Mediterranean General Manager Jérome Salemi.

Stating the company was receiving a  positive feedback about the innovative product Air France have been proposing on Istanbul-Paris since April with Joon, sister company of Air France, Salemi made following remarks during his interview with Demiroren News Agency.

“Air France KLM Group is clearly present on the Turkish market and wants to develop. As the market is very competitive, our strategy is to operate on a competitive and innovative way.

“Joon is the first answer, I am particularly glad we operate our newest airline on Paris-Istanbul route because I believe it is well adapted to the situation. Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in our medium-haul network, together with Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin and Oslo, cities also operated by Joon. That shows the importance of the Turkish market for Air France-KLM Group.

“The second pillar of our strategy is the partnership we have been developing with Atlas Global, enabling to have code-shares from Istanbul to both Paris and Amsterdam.

“For the customer, that is a great benefit as he is being offered a wider scope of European and long-haul destinations in short connection in Paris and Amsterdam. With Pegasus we have been also developing our cooperation with KLM.

“As a consequence, it is very easy to go to Los Angeles for example from Istanbul : flying Joon to Paris testing this new travel experience and then Air France from Paris-CDG to Los Angeles with the amazing Airbus A380, and then coming back with the KLM new product via Amsterdam-Schiphol before landing in Istanbul with Atlas Global.

“Air France (Joon) and KLM load factors are particularly high to/from Istanbul with a global pourcentage since the beginning of the year over 84 percent as an average for both airlines.

“It will be increased during the peak Summer season. That is an excellent news, and we also have our code-share agreement with Atlas Global and also between KL and Pegasus that enable us to propose more connectivity solutions with our hubs of Paris-CDG and Amsterdam.

“In Turkey, we adapted the capacity and developed further our partnerships with Atlas Global and Pegasus, and on top, we introduced our new innovative airline Joon on Istanbul-Paris.

“We do not have updated figures about French tourists in Turkey. What I can say is that the French market represents the first inbound market for us, followed by the Americans. Air France KLM Group is a hub carrier, meaning that we have a very important number of customers connecting in Paris-CDG with Air France and also in Amsterdam with KLM.

“More than 50 percent of our Turkish clients are connecting to one of the 314 destinations in 116 countries, for business or for leisure motive. The business motive segment represents more than 20 percent of our Revenue in Turkey.

“At global level, Air France-KLM Group aims at growing by 5 percent in 2018 (excluding exceptional circumstances) on a sustainable way. We will operate 78 new routes this Summer, our mow cost carrier Transavia is growing by 25 percent, we are receiving new aircraft (B787 dreamliners and Embraer 190), we have a nice momentum.

“Joon is a real lab of innovations with a new and younger atmospher on board, streaming for free with the YouJoon App, gourmet and bio menus that are breaking the rules and enrich the travel experience. The French ‘savoir-faire’ is in the air!

“Air France-KLM Group has been first European airline in terms of revenue per kilometer in 2017 with an operating income up 42 percent.

“Joon started to operate past December 1st, with a competitive model that enables to increase the profitability of the routes operated. It will be significant in 2018. So far we can just say that the customer feedback is positive, our clients like the innovations we have been proposing while keeping the Air France savoir-faire.

“Joon is a new innovating travel experience and remains part of the Air France ecosystem.

“If you allow me to be more specific, I would add that Joon is a real lab for our Group to test and learn with the aim to better serve our customers with a differentiated service, fitting new customer’s aspirations. We clearly want to make the difference versus competition, proposing the customers a new travel experience.

“When I am talking about Air France ecosystem, I mean that Joon fully remains part of Air France: the pilots are coming from Air France, the security and safety protocols are the same as Air France, maintenance of aircraft is being performed by Air France Industries, the service at the Airports remains led by Air France, the way to market Joon remains as Air France (AF booking code, Air France fares, saleable online or via any travel agency, same possibility to earn Flying Blue Miles, etc.).

“To sum up, I would say that with Joon we have been inventing a new category of airline with new benefits and its own identity, fully integrated to the Air France KLM world. That is very exciting for our customers and our staff!”

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