Ataturk Airport uses energy efficiently, decreasing carbon emissions

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Istanbul Atatürk Airport raised to the third level in Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program, which was initiated by ACI Europe, the main organization of the airport operators.

TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Ünlü stated “TAV Airports places sustainability in focus of all operations. Whilst we produce the highest value for our stakeholders, we also execute detailed programs to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. As a result, the number of passengers we provided service last year increased to 51.3 million by an increase of 14 per cent and our total carbon emission decreased by 4.6 per cent. We achieved this by increasing our energy efficiency through innovative applications without compromising the passenger comfort. Collaborating with our stakeholders, we increased our rank at Carbon Accreditation program. We are glad that Atatürk Airport, the main entrance gate to Turkey and Istanbul, is listed amongst the top airports worldwide as a result of its service quality and environmental approach."


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