ATU Duty Free wins tender to operate duty free stores at 5 more airports in Tunisia

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Tunis-Carthage, Djerba-Zarzis, Sfax-Thyna, Tozeur-Nefta and Tabarka-Ain Draham. ATU will operate the duty free stores at 5 airports located on an area of 5,406 sqm in total for 8 years and 2 months, which served 8 million passengers in 2013.

ATU Duty Free General Manager Ersan Arcan stated: ''Winning this tender is a great success for us as having the chance now to expand our operational network in Tunisia which has started in 2009. Serving 8 million passengers in 2013, these airports are critical operational points for us. Aviation and tourism is making rapid progress in Tunisia and the potential for further growth will help fuel our future success. Our new Tunisian operational points will open the gates of Africa to us, where we believe there are genuine opportunities to increase the scope and scale of our business.”


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