ATU is the world's first 'Green Office' certified duty free company

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ATU is the first duty free company that received Green Office Certificate worldwide.

Founded as a joint venture between TAV Airports and Unifree, ATU Duty Free; the largest duty free operator of Turkey, fulfilled the criteria defined by the 'Green Office Project’, an attempt of World Wide Fund for Nature Turkey (WWF) that carries out studies toward protecting nature worldwide and have agencies in many countries, to decrease the Ecologic Footprint. ATU Duty Free Headquarters has become the first duty free store that received 'Green Office' certificate with the works and practices carried out.

ATU Duty Free General Manager Ersan Arcan stated, “ATU has been carrying out its all projects and works in line with a sustainability approach in order to minimize the environmental impacts. Within the framework of our collaboration with WWF Turkey, we brought a new dimension to our works as we were included to the green office project in the beginning of the year. Various implementations were made to increase the awareness of our employees working at our headquarters. We have achieved successful results in the projects for paper consumption and waste management. WWF Global initiated the project as an attempt to decrease Ecologic Footprint on the earth. Country representatives carry out the project worldwide. It is important for us to be one of the certificated organizations of this significant attempt. We are also proud to contribute to the awareness on the subject with the works we have been carrying out for a sustainable environment. We are the first duty free company receiving 'Green Office' certificate worldwide. We will continue carrying out our sustainability approach throughout all our business processes in parallel with our social responsibility."

ATU Duty Free has obtained the certificate as a result of successful implementations that has been realized throughout the year at the headquarters about raising awareness of the employees, reducing paper consumption and waste management.

WWF Turkey defined 3 criteria to be fulfilled at the headquarters of ATU Duty Free within the scope of “Green Project”: Employee Awareness, Paper Consumption, and Waste Management. Informative e-mails, posters and notifications, seminars and meetings have been organized under these titles. Agendas, calendars, and business cards have been produced with recycled paper. Double-sided print-outs have been retrieved from the printers. Waste management procedures have been adopted for the toner cartridges, paper and packing materials and wastes of electronic equipment. Glass, plastic and paper wastes have been separated to be recycled. The recycling works lead to the plantation of 50 trees.

ATU increased the number of airports it has been operational in Tunisia to seven in October 2014 after winning the tender. ATU opened duty free shops in Tunis-Carthage, Djerba-Zarzis, Sfax-Thyna, Tozeur-Nefta and Tabarka - Ain Draham airports by November 2014.

ATU Duty Free is awarded the tender for the operation rights of duty free stores at New Airport in Salallah, the second largest city of Oman, for 10 years at the beginning of August 2014. 


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