Flyco Soars into Croatia with Two Training Agreements

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Executive charter airline Limitless Airways and Sky Vision are the two carriers to join the growing Flyco family. Limitless Airways, based in Rijeka, currently operates A320 type aircraft and its entire airline crew will benefit from the type related courses as well as the general subjects that Flyco offers.

"Our investment in the development of an all new admin panel proved to be a solid decision as it became one of our strongest selling points," said Flyco Group sales director Mr Anil Yildirim. "Our intention was to make sure that the system removes a significant amount of workload from the Training Manager by simply being more communicative with its user. An extensive reporting system, accurate user certificate expiry tracking and examination customisation are just some functions that the system brings to training administrators. Our goal is to make a difference in aviation training through innovation and a focus on next generation e-training."


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