f Turkey plans to design R-UAV for ships

Turkey plans to design R-UAV for ships

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Undersecretary of Defence Industries (SSM-Savunma Sanayi Müsteşarlığı) will soon announced a project for 24 R-UAV's which will be used by Turkish Navy. The project is expected to go to tender in the coming months with the possibility to above-water exploration rotary wing aircraft to be taken.

The design and manufacted will be local industry according to SSM. TAI , Baykar - Kale Group and Vestel interest with the project. After the contract, the winner in the preliminary design of the project is expected to be flown in a year. R-UAV planned to have MTOW 2 tons.

Preparatory work ongoing project is interested by Turkish Coast Guard. The R-UAV's will be depoyed in ships and ground and will have endurance longer than navy version. Turkish Coast Guards plans to take 12 R-UAV's.

Photo: Northrop / Grumman 's MQ- 8C Fire Scout model, weighs 1430 kilograms. Fire Scout can carry on missile flight tests still continues

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