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Highlighting that TAV is the world's largest company in airport construction industry; the magazine stated that TAV is a key player especially in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar in the Gulf Region. Underlining that TAV has multi-cultural human resources, the magazine also remarked that the company invests in the professional and personal development of the employees.

TAV Group President & CEO Şener stated: "Whilst the list has a symbolic meaning, it represents the success of the technique and labor of Turkish engineering and corporate management in one of the most challenging market of the world. The award belongs to our young engineers, architects and all other employees, who work in Madinah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Dubai. We just lead them with the experiences we have gained so far. The Gulf Region, which has a fast growth, is the world's most competitive geography for construction sector nowadays. TAV has become an expert and a popular brand in airport sector. Engineering News Record listed TAV Construction as the world's largest airport construction company in terms of the size of the work it undertakes. As our construction company continues to expand in the Middle East, it also continues creating opportunities for our airport operator company. We are proud to represent our country in the best manner.”


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