Sierra Nevada sets first flight dates for new regional jets

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Ozmen’s remarks at the American Turkish Council Conference in Washington DC offer the first timelines presented for the project since it was first disclosed by Sierra Nevada in May.

Sierra Nevada and Turkish firms STM and SSM have partnered to modernise the Dornier 328 jet and relaunch production in Turkey as the TRJ328. The TRJ628 will follow with the distinction of being “fully designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers”, Ozmen says.

Once the partnership contract receives “final approvals”, a TRJet manufacturing facility will be built in Ankara, he says.

“We expect this aircraft will help change the face of transportation in Turkey,” Ozmen says.

The TRjet family is envisioned to fill a niche market connecting small Turkish cities, according to Sierra Nevada.

The US firm, founded by Ozmen as a Turkish immigrant, has grown into a billion-dollar aerospace and defence contractor.

Earlier this year, Sierra Nevada acquired the type certificate for the Dornier 328. The company already provides maintenance services for the C-146, a military-liveried 328 operated by US Special Operations Command as a transport and surveillance platform.


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