TANMODEL launched 1/32 scale Sukhoi Su-33 plastic model

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TANMODEL, a Turkish plactic kit company completed the 3D design of 1/32 scale Sukhoi Su-33 project. They have been working on for about 8 months and is ready to start production. The plastic model of Su-33 will be in box next 6 monhts.

Specifications :
- One piece intakes (The biggest and one piece Intake in the industry will be in our SU-33 kit)
- 61 Parts Huge Photo Etch Fret
- Foldable wing option
- Movable Canard, Slat, Flap, Aileron, Rudder, Horizontal Stabilizer parts
- Open-Closed Refueling Probe
- Open-Closed Canopy, Airbrake, Tail Radar parts
- Detailed Cockpit and Canopy parts
- 8x R-27, 4x R-73 Missile and Pod parts
- 9 Options Pylon parts
- Precise Panel Lines and Rivet details
- Slider-Mould Nozzle parts
- Modeller-friendly Part breakdowns



Kaynak: www.kokpit.aero

Kokpit Aero

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