SunExpress records strong growth in the first half of 2015

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SunExpress, the joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, completed the first half of 2015 successfully and aims to conclude 2015 with record growth and revenue. Continuing with its consistent growth during the last three years, SunExpress, carried more than 3.6 million passengers on 23,700 flights in the first six months of 2015, which is an increase of 18 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

Speaking at a press meeting held in Istanbul on the 15th of October, SunExpress Managing Director Jaan Albrecht said: “We have had healthy and successful growth during the last three years and for the 25th anniversary year of the company’s establishment we have broken our own best record with the revenue achieved in 2014 and are now Turkey’s 40th largest company in 2014.”

Albrecht: We expect to exceed our targets by the end of the year

Stating that the year 2015 has been a year of novelties and success for SunExpress, Albrecht said, “We had a very successful six months in 2015. We are aiming to complete the year 2015 with record growth and revenue as we did in 2014 and 2013.”

Referring to targets for 2015, Albrecht said, “As we announced last February, our goal for 2015 is 1.1 billion Euro in revenue and more than 8 million passengers. From where we now stand, we expect to exceed our target by the end of 2015.”

Emphasizing that SunExpress has shown that it is on the path to achieving its vision by being awarded the following ratings by customers who took part in the SkyTrax World Airline Awards between September 2014 and May 2015, Albrecht said, “With more than 3,300 employees from 23 nations, SunExpress aims to achieve its target.  According to the SkyTrax World Airline Awards 2015 SunExpress achieved  3rd  place in the World’s Best Leisure Airline category. Last year we were in 4th place– so we have moved up every year.”

Summer season opens

Pointing out that summer 2016 international flights are open for sales,  Albrecht said “Last summer season, we focused on new routes and started flying to 10 new international destinations from Antalya and 5 new international destinations from Izmir. This summer season 2016, we will generally focus on consolidating and strengthening our position in the markets we fly. We will increase our total frequencies with an additional 1237 frequencies which equals a 9 percent increase compared to last year’s summer season. In addition, there will be some new destinations from Bodrum and Dalaman. We will fly from Dalaman to Zurich and from Bodrum to Zurich and Hamburg.”

Stating that SunExpress is the airline carrying the most tourists on scheduled flights to the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, Albrecht said: Antalya is our headquarters and we carry the most tourists to the Mediterranean region on our scheduled flights. Currently we fly to 69 destinations in 17 countries from Antalya. In 2012 SunExpress broke new ground by announcing Izmir as a HUB and has been expanding its network from Izmir every year since. From Izmir we fly to 35 destinations in 13 countries and to 13 Anatolian cities. From our HUB in Izmir we offer 1095 flights per week connecting Europe with Anatolian cities.”

Underscoring that SunExpress has strengthened its position in Europe, Albrecht said “As you know we established SunExpress Deutschland in 2011 to fly to popular touristic destinations in the Red Sea region from Europe. As a holiday carrier in Europe our operations have been growing every year. This summer we as SunExpress Deutschland will be serving 24 airports in 11 countries from Germany (excluding TR); touristic scheduled and charter destinations such as Morocco, Bulgaria, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Tunisia, France, United Arab Emirates and Oman.”

7 brand new aircraft will join the fleet in 2016

Reminding everyone that last year an order worth approximately 4 billion 750 million US Dollars list-price was placed for 50 B737-800NG and B737-8 MAX aircraft, 10 of which are on option, Albrecht   said “The delivery of 5 brand new Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft was completed in October for 2015. Next year, we will receive 7 brand new aircraft with Sky Interior design with SunExpress design. These new aircraft will offer many advantages, such as lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance cost /expenses, longer range, lower emissions and less noise, the delivery of the entire order of Boeing 737-800 NG and 737-8 MAX will be completed in 2021.”

First SXD long-haul jet A330 “Ready for take-off“

Emphasizing that SunExpress has attained successful results in its new business segment of wet-lease operations Albrecht stated: “For nearly two years we have been conducting successful wet-lease operations with Turkish Airlines/Anadolujet.  In this business model, we rent aircraft to Turkish Airlines/Anadolujet, maintaining the operational management, while Turkish Airlines/Anadolujet ensures the commercial management. This service we provide allows for a more efficient and cost effective structure for Turkish Airlines/Anadolujet.” 

“This successful business model is now being used for Lufthansa’s new subsidiary Eurowings’ long-haul program to offer low-cost tourism flights” said Albrecht and added: “As a result of lengthy negotiations with Lufthansa on the matter, agreement concerning this project was reached between our shareholders Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. Currently all of our preparations are in progress. A wet-lease agreement has already been signed between Lufthansa’s company Eurowings and SunExpress Deutschland and we, SunExpress, will be maintaining the operational management, while Eurowings ensures the commercial management as we did in our wet-lease agreement with Turkish Airlines /AnadoluJet. The first A330 is ready for take-off. Our first long-haul flight will be on the 2nd of November to Varadero, Cuba.”



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