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38 airports in total, including the airports operated by ADP and 14 airports operated by TAV Airports in seven countries, are also represented at the exhibition in Chicago, the USA. TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener also attended the forum as a speaker at the first day of the panel titled "Airports under Pressure".

TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener expressed that the airports must find a way to finance themselves in the future as traditional business models due to the increasing pressure on the airport operations. Stating that "public-private sector collaboration" model is advantageous for the governments and investors who have financial problems when large airports are considered, Şener, highlighted that government support and guarantee is needed for small airports.

Şener also said, "Commercial income and air traffic are significant elements of airport financing. The airlines aim to reflect the operation costs to the airports as the competition amongst them increase. In addition to that, the infrastructure of the airports must be expanded because of the increasing air traffic. All these competitive demands can be balanced only if the non-aviation revenues, which reach to 70 percent of the total revenue, are increased. Non-aviation revenues as food & beverage and retail sector must be taken into consideration when the airports are planned.”

Stating that aviation revenues of airports will continue to reduce, Şener underlined only the airports having air traffic that can support their operations and successful trade operations will survive.

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