TAV transfers know-how to Chinese airports

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TAV Airports, Turkey’s leading brand in the global airport operations industry, has started providing training in China in airport management and operations. The first training and development program was held in Jingdezhen and designed by TAV Aviation Minds, the training and consultancy company established to share the know-how of TAV around the world. The training program entitled “Airport Marketing and Route Development” was launched by Li Xiaomei, China Civil Airports Association General Secretary (CCAA), and saw the participation of managers from 25 airports, including Beijing and Shanghai, who are specialized in marketing and route development. The 3-day training, which was enriched with simulations and group work, received a high satisfaction rating from participants at the end of the training. As a result, TAV Aviation Minds plans to provide “Human Resources Management at the Airport” and “Integrated Airport Operations Management” training programs in China in collaboration with CCAA.

TAV Aviation Minds General Manager Barış Müstecaplıoğlu stated, "There has been rapid growth in the civil aviation sector around the world, especially in developing countries. As one of the leading players in the sector, TAV Airports has responded to this requirement, gathering together its know-how under the roof of TAV Aviation Minds and made it available for sharing. Since then, we are happy to see significant interest shown in our programs by the aviation authorities of a number of countries within a very short period of time. We began our operations in the Chinese market after an intense period of preparation. Negotiations are ongoing with civil aviation authorities in Mongolia, Uganda and Nepal, with the goal of holding similar programs in a number of regions. We will continue to support the development of the airports in our target markets."


Founded in 2013, TAV Aviation Minds realized its first project at Madinah Airport, Saudi Arabia. A total of 1,368 hours of training was provided in Medina on 16 different topics over four months and 258 people participated as part of the training and development program. As a result of the programs, new practices were developed to increase passenger satisfaction as well as achieving an increase in efficiency during operational processes. At the end of the program, participants had the opportunity to receive on-the-job training and gain practical experience at the Istanbul Atatürk and Tbilisi, Georgia airports operated by TAV.

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