TAV will operate the advertisement areas of Tunisia Carthage Airport

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TAV Operation Services, the subsidiary of TAV Airports, has won the tender for operating the advertisement areas of Carthage Airport, the entrance gate of Tunisia, for four years. Winning the tender held by the Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (OACA), TAV Operation Services is going to make an investment of €300,000 in Carthage Airport and operate the advertisement areas at arrivals and departures floor besides the digital screens for four years. Accordingly, the company will pay rent to OACA.

TAV Operation Services General Manager Bora İşbulan stated: “TAV Operation Services has taken a new step further in accordance with the growth strategy to launch operations at the airports which are not operated by TAV. We undertook the operations of Air France/KLM Lounges at Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart airports on August 13th. Today by taking that step in Tunisia, we have proved once more that we could export our know-how to anywhere around the globe. We are proud to become the operator of the commercial areas of Carthage Airport, one of the largest airports in Africa and the entrance gate of Tunisia.”

Managing the advertisement areas of Monastır and Enfidha-Hammamet airports operated by TAV; the number of airports whose advertisement areas are operated by TAV Operation Services has increased to three. TAV Operation Services placed a bid for the tender regarding the operations of advertisement areas in November 2014. Being the winner of the tender, the company has undertaken the operations of advertisement areas at arrivals and departures floors of Carthage Airport and as well as digital screens. In accordance with the concerned agreement, TAV Operation Services will pay rent to OACA for four years.  

Serving approximately 5.1 million passengers a year, Carthage Airport, the entrance gate of Tunisia, the capital of Tunisia, is amongst the biggest airports in African continent.


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