TAV provides consultancy services for transition from construction to operation

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TAV ORAT team started its first project in Madinah Airport, which has been constructed in Saudi Arabia by a consortium that TAV has 33 percent shares and which will be officially put into service in the first quarter of 2015. TAV ORAT team will follow up all processes and establish an adequate structure for the airport by taking over the new systems and the building, recruitment and training of the personnel, operation procedures, service contracts, etc.

TAV Airports Business Development and Strategy Director Serkan Kaptan stated “As TAV Airports, we have performed the taking over and commissioning processes of all airports that we operate together with our specialized personnel in various industrial fields. We undertake internal ORAT projects, which are usually outsourced in global aviation industry, utilizing TAV's know-how and experience. Now we are ready to exercise our know-how in aviation sector. ORAT project focuses on preparing all airport users to new physical structure and operation methods and provides smooth operation during the very first day. TAV ORAT team has started its first project in Madinah Airport of Saudi Arabia and they have been progressing successfully. The team follows up all processes of the airport from service contracts, recruitment and training of the personnel, systems to be installed to operation procedures, etc. We continue negotiating for other airports at Saudi Arabia and various locations." 

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