Turkey’s first indigenous flight watch system becomes online in Istanbul

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The system, developed by Turkish Airlines and Turkey’s defense firm STM, has been launched at the main flight operation control center of the national carrier. 

While know-how and engineering on civil aviation were provided by Turkish Airlines Integrated Operational Control Center (IOCC), software was completely developed by STM, according to the press release. 

OpsEye has been the first self-dependent flight watch system of Turkey, added the national carrier. 

The system, which can be integrated into Turkish Airlines’ internal software and provides instant information about airplanes’ door closing, push-back, approaching and location setting, makes contribution to all decision making processes in tactical operations. 

In addition to live monitoring, the system also has the feature of save-replay, enabling it to save all traffic data of airplanes to be replayed for analysis and training reasons. 

The system is planned to be launched at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara’s Esenboğa and İzmir’s Adnan Menderes as well as the Antalya Airport, according to the press release.

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