f Turkey will replace aging AB206 training helicopters

Turkey will replace aging AB206 training helicopters

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Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) is requesting for a tender to acquire helicopters for Turkish Land Forces

On July 26, a project was iniatied by the SSB to acquire basic training helicopters for the Turkish Land Forces Command. A request for proposals was issued, for the related companies to submit their proposals for the Tender. 

Currently the Land Forces are using 20 Bell AB206Rs for basic piloting trainings, acquired between 1995-96. Also 13 AB206s used by Gendarmerie was shifted to the Land Forces for training purposes.

By purchasing new helicopters, Land Forces aims to renew its training fleet and enhance its training standards.

Possible Candidates

A similar project was started by the US Navy to renew their training fleet. The Forces are still using the TH-57, developed from Bell 206 model. These helicopters are acquired in 60s and planned to be revirde by 2023. The helicopters proposed for replacements are twit engined H135 by Airbus Helicopters, AgustaWestland TH-119 by Italian Leonardo, and Bell offers single engined 407GXI and Twain engined Bell 429 GlobalRanger.

These models are also possible contenders for the Turkish Tender.

Training System 

Prospective helicopter pilots in Land Forces Air Branch, initiate their training on light class helicopters. Later on, with the completion of their training, they are assigned to their specialized helicopter type, like UH-1, S-70 or AS352.

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