Turkish Airlines pushes back planned Australian flights

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The airline intended to launch its first Australian service early this year with a stop-over in Asia but a longer term aim of making a direct flight as new extra-long range jets joined its fleet.

This would have been an incredibly long trek of some 15,000km, flying for a potentially bum-numbing 17 hours – sufficient to let Turkish take the crown fort he world’s longest flight, a record currently shared by Qantas and Delta Air Lines.

But it would have landed Australian travellers right at the door of Europe with a tempting few days in Istanbul before jetting off to the scores of other European cities within a few hours' reach.

However, a media spokesman for Turkish Airlines confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that those plans are now on hold.

"The plan (for Australian flights) is suspended for a while and the destinations will not be opened soon" he said, adding that the airline is "more concentrated on African and American destinations."

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