Turkish F-16 crashed in Diyarbakır

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Turkish Air Force's one of 4 female F-16 Captain Sefika Burcu Arpaci safety ejected during the landing in Diyarbakir 8. Main Air Force Base. The aircraft crashed on the runway and the base closed for inspection and controls. Diyarbakır Base also used for airline flights to region. Because of a crash in the runway, the airport also stop commercial flights.


Turkish Air Force started operation of F-16’s since 1988 and this is the 30th crash. With the 3 Peace Diamond Projects, Turkey received total 270 F-16’s.

Captain Arpaci, 33 year old and mother of 2,5 years old a girl. She is flying for 12 years including 10 years in F-16. She is one of experience pilots in 182th Squadron based in Diyarbakir which was shot down Syrian Mi-8 and Mig23.





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