f Turkish Gendarmerie’s New Sikorsky S-70i’s

Turkish Gendarmerie’s New Sikorsky S-70i’s

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First two Sikorsky S-70is produced in the facilities in Poland, entered the inventory of the Gendarmerie General Command of Turkey.  The new helicopters painted white, blue and red livery of the institution. The design was adopted to replace the traditional military camouflage livery used previously.

Why were they purchased from Poland? 

Gendarmerie became the first military user of the Sikorsky S70i in Turkey. Also first S-70i operator in Turkey is Turkish Police. S-70i was chosen to replace old S-70s operated by Gendarmerie and Police

The helicopter is the International version of the S-70 (UH-60 named for US Army). These frames produced by the Sikorsky Factory in Poland. The new production unit and the variant are in align with Company’s export strategy. In order to avoid export limiting obstacles, Sikorsky developed an International model. Instead of military components, new model utilises civilian technologies for critical systems. 

By diversifiying its production, Sikorsky aims to export the S-70i to Middle East and Latin American markets.

Helicopter shares the same fuselage structure with the UH-60M produced for the US Military. S-70i has a maximum cruising speed of 296 km/h and a range of  276 nautical mile.

Deliveries start in 2021

On the other hand, Turkey chose Sikorsky’s S-70i named T-70. The helicopter will be produced in Turkey by TAI, Turkish Aerospace Industries. Turkey will receive 109 T-70s. 

T-70 is a specific unit prepared for Turkey. This model is based on S-70i. But contains a cockpit and avionics system developed and produced by the aviation technology firms in Turkey. First protype of the model is produced in Poland and delivered to Turkey for the modifications in February 2017.

The T700-TEI701D engines powering the rotator, will be produced in TEI facilities in Eskişehir. Local production will  reach 60%  of the total components.

Cockpit systems are developed by ASELSAN. The Company has a know-how in Sikorsky-S70 due to its cooperation with the Military. Previosly Turkish Military S-70s were modernised by ASELSAN. And it also developed new cockpit design for S-70s, which received praisals from Sikorsky Engineers.

HAVELSAN is developing a new software and system for the T-70. Also Eskişehir based Alp Aviation produces many critical components like engine and transmission systems.

Deliveries for T-70, to Land Forces, Naval Forces, National Police and Ministry of Forestry will start in 2021.

Gendarmerie: Oldest S-70 operator in Turkey

Sikorsky Blackhawk is operational in Turkey since 1988. First 6 helicopters ordered for Turkish Gendarmerie in September 1988 and deliveries began in December 1988 with 3 S-70A-17’s with c/n 70-1322, 70-1325 and 70-1327. 3 more S-70’s follow in January 1989.

Gendarmerie’s second delivery began in 1993 by 5 more S-70A-28. Total 36 Blackhawks delivered to Turkish Gendarmerie.



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