Turkish Seahawk crashed

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According to information given by Turkish Navy, the helicopter took off from Cengiz Topel Naval Air Base in Kocaeli and on route to Konya Air Force Base to attend military exercise.

An S-70B Seahawk crashed into a mountain during low visibility. 2pilots and 2 radar operator killed during the crash. This is the second crash of the Seahawks in Turkey. First happened in November 2002 and killed 2 pilots. Remaining 2 crew rescued.

Turkish Navy chose Sikorsky’s S-70B Seahawk option in 1997 for replacing aging AB206/212’s. The first batch of the 8 helicopters began delivery in April 26th 2002. Turkey signed agreement with Sikorsy for 17 more helicopters. Last 4 delivered to Turkey in July of this year.

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